CI-Mail-Policy - Email Action Framework

More Than Just Mail Disclaimers

CI-Mail-Policy is a rule-based email action framework for Microsoft Exchange Servers. You can look for specific conditions (rules) in emails that pass your Exchange Server and take action on them.

Some examples:

  • Add a legal disclaimer to messages as they pass through the organization.
  • Check if a message has an email signature included. If not, add it.
  • Email signature marketing: Promote marketing campaigns (like upcoming events, new products, ...) and stop it automatically as soon as it's over. 
  • Monitor emails for specific content and take action on them.

CI-Mail-Policy's rules and actions are similar to Microsoft Exchange's "Transport rule actions" - without the hassle of configuration. Define a rule, apply an action, save it and you're done. Well, you should test it too...

Download and test CI-Mail-Policy

It's absolutely risk free for you to try

How Does CI-Mail-Policy Work?

CI-Mail-Policy is a service that runs on your Exchange Server. You can create a variety of rules (conditions) and actions to take on emails. As emails pass the Exchange Server, CI-Mail-Policy checks if any of the defined rules apply and takes specified actions on them. These rules/actions are (just like Microsoft Exchange's "Transport rule actions") in some way similar to those that are available in many email clients like Outlook. The main difference is that CI-Mail-Policy takes action on messages while they are in transit - being sent from A to B - as opposed to before a message is sent or after it has been delivered. This allows you to interfere and act on emails without the sender or receiver being able to prevent it. And it is completely independent from which device (PC, tablet, mobile) the email has been sent from or is being sent to. (Click here to learn more about the different types of email signature software.)

CI-Mail-Policy runs on your Exchange Server and processes all messages that pass it. It is therefore device and direction independent. That means any email sent or received from any client or device, even smartphones and automated systems (e.g. from your CRM) can be processed by CI-Mail-Policy.

Download and test CI-Mail-Policy

It's absolutely risk free for you to try

What Is CI-Mail-Policy For?

Many organizations are required (either by law, regulatory requirements, or company policies) to apply messaging policies that limit the interaction between senders and recipients, both inside and outside of organizations. CI-Mail-Policy allows you to monitor email flow and interfere when necessary to enforce these messaging policies. Besides that, it helps you manage and administrate email communication by providing a rule-based framework to take actions on emails. 

Some Jobs You Can Let CI-Mail-Policy Do for You

CI-Mail-Policy contains a rich set of conditions, exceptions and actions, which provides you with the flexibility to create your own customized tasks. Let CI-Mail-Policy work for you. 

  • Add disclaimers / email signatures to all emails that pass your Exchange Server.
    Alternative: Only add it to emails that are sent externally.
  • Use a simpler signature design for emails sent to colleagues. Or fully remove email signatures (embedded by other software) from internally sent emails.
  • Make sure every email that passes your organization contains all required legal information.
  • Monitor emails for specific words / content and act on them: redirect/forward, block, reject or delete email, send a message / a copy of the original message (cc and/or bcc) to a specified recipient.
  • Send a copy of each and every message to your email archiving system.
  • Remove attachments from emails, save them to a network device and include a link (path to files) in the email. You can specify at what size (e.g. attachments greater than 2 MB) the rule applies. This can dramatically reduce load off your Exchange Server's storage.
  • Zip all attachments of an email.
  • Run another (third-party) application.
  • and a lot more... 

We recommend you to download and test CI-Mail-Policy for yourself. It's the best way to see if it suits your needs. And hey, it's completely free for you to try.

Supported Systems

CI-Mail-Policy supports Exchange 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 and all Microsoft Server Versions. It is fully device independent and can take action on every message that passes your Exchange Server - no matter from which device the email is being sent from or to: e.g. desktop clients and laptops, Terminal-Servers, mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, ...), automated systems (CRM) - no exceptions.

Why CI-Mail-Policy Is Risk-free for You to Try?

  • Download and try CI-Mail-Policy for free - no cost at all.
  • You can restrict CI-Mail-Policy to only act on messages sent from specified user(s), group(s) or organizational unit(s) (=OUs) from your active directory. See how it works without affecting your entire organization.
  • If CI-Mail-Policy is not what you were looking for, uninstall it. That's it.

Download and test CI-Mail-Policy

It's absolutely risk free for you to try