Licensing questions

After an order has been successfully processed, we send an email with the license key to the address specified in the order. This email contains all details about the license and a special link to download the software. We do not ship any physical products.

Yes! We do offer competitive discount for our products. You can apply for a competitive discount with a verification of using a competing paid commercial product. Based of your proof, we will grant you a discount on the corresponding ci solution product.

Please email info@ci-solution.com for eligibility.

Our motto: If you need help we will always do our best to support you.

That being said, customers with a valid maintenance plan will get answers first. We'll respond to all other inquiries as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee full support for customers with expired SMPs and very old software versions.

We have a perpetual licensing model for all desktop software applications. You buy the license once and do not need to renew it annually. The maintenance plan expires one year after purchase. To get technical support and software updates/upgrades you need to extend the maintenance plan.

CI-Cloud has a subscription based licensing model. You pay for what you use - on a monthly and per user basis.

Yes, but your maintenance plan may not be expired longer than one year. Contact us if you want to add more users to an existing license.

The Service Maintenance Plan allows you to perform software updates; any time and as often you want. Within this period you will get full customer support. When purchasing a new license a one year SMP is included. After expiration you are free to extend the plan. You can continue using the software as the license key itself does not expire. But you will not be able to perform software updates any longer.

Email signatures

Client-side email signature solutions (like CI-Sign), distributed signatures to the user's email clients, letting them see and choose the signature as they type their mail. Server-side solutions add the signature while it passes the email server (Microsoft Exchange or Office 365). Thus the signature is not visible at design-time of the email. The user can see which signature has been added to the email in the "sent items" folder. For more details, see https://en.ci-solution.com/email-signature-software

When using client-side signature software like CI-Sign, the signature is added in the email client and therefore visible when composing an email.
Server-side software add the signatures as the email passes the email server (Exchange or Office 365). The signature is not visible at design time, but the users will see it in "sent items".
For CI-Cloud we've developed a preview Add-in using modern Outlook Web Add-in technology from Microsoft. As the organization's admin, you can activate it for all users Outlook and Outlook Web App without having to visit the client's PCs.